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Geeks R us

ok.  she is a geek. she admits this.  Mr pea is a geek too, and he admits it.  What happens when two geeks settle down for a cozy  evening of television? We watch documentaries about space.  What happens when we watch documentaries about space? We start thinking of things…like…

If the moon was created by a planet crashing into the earth, mark 1, the debris would have formed a ring system around earth.  Of course, we have to say how effing cool would that be?

But then we worry…if we have a ring system, rather than a satelite, would we get enough gravitational pull to knead the earth’s core and keep us tectonically active to have an atmosphere? would there be tides?

Then we have to think about saturn…it’s rings don’t do much…but…Saturn’s rngs are made of *ice* and our ring system would have been nickel and iron…much more dense…

Mr pea decided to go to bed at this point.

pea thinks we need help…

If you don’t agree, she will be forced to tell you about the radio-wave energy driven solar sytem we came up with on an anniversary trip.

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The Church of Sunday Tea :)

Greetings!  Welcome to this week’s service of the Church of Sunday Tea.  This week we have a guest preacher, Jen, who brings us the divine word of Oh My Chai Tea.  Please pay very close attention to what Jen has to say.

The Hymns for today:
Beer is the Leaven
Stop and Dip Your Bread With Me
Share the Chai
Mixing Binds Us Together
Don’t Forget to Come

Here are this week’s Parish Announcements:

Remember, that due to the guest preacher, our usual service will be at ONE THIRTY in the afternoon.  No donations are required to attend. Please note that due to a larger than anticipated volume of visitors to the Church for this service, you may wish to consider alternate parking in the lot on Indian church road, near Seneca.  Parking there will avoid any troublesome car moving at four o’clock due to the city parking change.  Also due to the change in service schedule, there will be no supper services at the rectory today.  Memebers of the Yarn Appreciation Society may bring their supplies, but the beginning of yarn activities may be delayed. Yarn will be provided for any new members.  As always, homes are needed for orphan socks.  Some of the orphans will be at the service today, if you would like to meet them.  The adoption fee is small, and the joy great.  Consider adopting a homeless sock today.

Blessings to you all.  Wrap your hands around your steaming mug of chai and be happy 🙂

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The Church of Sunday Tea

As some of you know, this Sunday was a mission Sunday, and there was no service at the Church.  Services were held at Shanghai Red’s, and the theme of the service was a Mimosa Brunch.  Blessings upon Wesley the Missionary preacher, and all were well nourished spiritually. All who attended are asked to meditate on the sin of Gluttony.

The Hymns for this week are as follows:
Love in Laundry (When Done Together)
Sharing Around the Table
Home is Where the Bacon Is
Chocolate Cake is Holy
Stay and Sip With Me

And now the Parish Announcements

Because this was a Mission Sunday, there will be no supper at the rectory tonight.  Instead, the Yarn Appreciation Society, and the Kitten Petting Group will be meeting early.  Socks still need homes.  Please, brothers and sisters, if you can’t give a home to an orphan sock yourself, tell your friends and nieghbors and implore them to help.  A homeless sock is a sad thing.  The holidays are coming.  Help a sock go home for Christmas.  Visit .  Don’t forget that next weeks Service will be featuring a guest minister, from the Church of Tastefully Simple.  Please be sure to attend this interdenominational event, and bring a friend.  Refreshments will be served.

Go now and brew in peace for the ones you love.  The week isn’t complete unless one makes the choice between one lump or two 🙂

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The Church of Sunday Tea

Good morning, and welcome all to this week’s service of the Church of Sunday Tea.  Today’s sermon is based on apple cider and doughnuts.

The hymns for this week are: Cuddling Under the Blankets is a Goodness, There is Joy in the Turning of the Cider Press, Welcome to our Harvest Home, Keep Your Faith Fenway, and,  Share Your Crullers Brothers and Sisters.

And now a few parish announcements.

There will be tea and cookies served in the parish kitchen to those going on the cider mill pilgrimage.  A gentle reminder for the attendees to be prompt.  Anyone wishing to adopt a homeless sock should visit Please, parishoners, try to open your hearts and homes for the holidays to one of these poor orphans.  There will be a stuffed pepper gathering at the Church at 6:00 pm.  Those wishing to attend should bring an offering of garlic bread or wine.  Lastly there will be multiple opportunities for kitten socialization this evening.  Contact the rectory if you would like to pet a kitten.

One lump or two?  Ask a friend to tea today. 🙂

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Welcome to The Church of Sunday Tea

Welcome all to this weeks service of the Church of Sunday Tea.  The theme for this week’s sermon will be muffins. 

The hymns for the service are as follows: Welcome New Friends to the Tea Table, There is Joy in Autumn Honey, Butter Brings People Together, and Jam Soothes the Weary Soul.

And now, a few Parish Announcements: The Chicken Picatta Society will be meeting in the kitchen at five O’clock.  There are plenty of capers, but extra lemons are always welcome.  All slots for Parish kittens have been filled…thank you all who donated, and we send our apologies to those who missed the opportunity to donate cats to the Church’s winter cushion warming effort.  Anyone wishing to learn the join-as-you-go afghan bordering technique should call the rectory for an appointment.

As always, share a cuppa with the one you love…smiles over swirling cream are the best.

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