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The Church of Sunday Tea

As some of you know, this Sunday was a mission Sunday, and there was no service at the Church.  Services were held at Shanghai Red’s, and the theme of the service was a Mimosa Brunch.  Blessings upon Wesley the Missionary preacher, and all were well nourished spiritually. All who attended are asked to meditate on the sin of Gluttony.

The Hymns for this week are as follows:
Love in Laundry (When Done Together)
Sharing Around the Table
Home is Where the Bacon Is
Chocolate Cake is Holy
Stay and Sip With Me

And now the Parish Announcements

Because this was a Mission Sunday, there will be no supper at the rectory tonight.  Instead, the Yarn Appreciation Society, and the Kitten Petting Group will be meeting early.  Socks still need homes.  Please, brothers and sisters, if you can’t give a home to an orphan sock yourself, tell your friends and nieghbors and implore them to help.  A homeless sock is a sad thing.  The holidays are coming.  Help a sock go home for Christmas.  Visit .  Don’t forget that next weeks Service will be featuring a guest minister, from the Church of Tastefully Simple.  Please be sure to attend this interdenominational event, and bring a friend.  Refreshments will be served.

Go now and brew in peace for the ones you love.  The week isn’t complete unless one makes the choice between one lump or two 🙂

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