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Welcome to The Church of Sunday Tea

Welcome all to this weeks service of the Church of Sunday Tea.  The theme for this week’s sermon will be muffins. 

The hymns for the service are as follows: Welcome New Friends to the Tea Table, There is Joy in Autumn Honey, Butter Brings People Together, and Jam Soothes the Weary Soul.

And now, a few Parish Announcements: The Chicken Picatta Society will be meeting in the kitchen at five O’clock.  There are plenty of capers, but extra lemons are always welcome.  All slots for Parish kittens have been filled…thank you all who donated, and we send our apologies to those who missed the opportunity to donate cats to the Church’s winter cushion warming effort.  Anyone wishing to learn the join-as-you-go afghan bordering technique should call the rectory for an appointment.

As always, share a cuppa with the one you love…smiles over swirling cream are the best.

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