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The Church of Sunday Tea

Welcome all to today’s service of the Church of Sunday tea.  The theme for today’s sermon is Brunch.  There isn’t much nicer than Sunday brunch for a spiritual reaffirment. 🙂

The hymns for today are: Toast and Jam Your Joyful Blessings Bring, Soul-Brethren Please Pass the Cream, Rest, Ye Weary Painter, Rest, Scones, We Await Your Baking, and, The Lack of Chores Restful Is.

And now a few parish announcements: Those wishing to attend the Chicken Supper should contact the Rectory before 5pm today.  Donations of wine and bread are always welcome.  As always, do what you can to support the orphaned socks… . The Church Library Ceiling repair is moving along, thanks to all who donated time to the ongoing project.  The yarn appreciation society will be meeting later this evening, all are welcome to attend, and yarn will be provided.

Blessings to all, and don’t forget to spread the word. One lump or Two? Be sure to ask a friend that question soon.  Happy brewing.

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A peasant weekend

Pea has spent saturday making her own catering arrangements for the rest of the week, when she will be tired, and not in any frame of mind to be cooking.  To further a sluggish week, she has been busy busy busy now, assembling a very peasanty collation to tide her over til *next* weekend 🙂

That much kitchen activity puts Peapod’s mom on the sofa with a migraine 🙂

On Friday, she made a nice big roast beef…with mushroom and red wine gravy, mashed taters and corn.  There is plenty of beef left for a new incarnation with some novel sides. Today, she made some seriously melty tender pork chops, and really yummy gravy, and speatzle (extra crispy) and sweet ‘n’ sour cabbage and green beens….plenty for a rerun, maybe on teusday, grommit.

After dinner Mr. Pea tried an experiment…she wasn’t brave enough to try it…he poured maple syrup on some spaetzle, and proclaimed it a taste sensation…

Pea is dubious.

Tomorrow she plans to roast a big fat hen, with a duxelle, bacon, and chedder stuffing.  Sides are as yet to be determined…but that will be a very spiffy Sunday dinner, and will make even better bone-pickin’s later in the week.

In the middle of all that, she put up six jars of tomatoes, made a nice big field-green salad, and decanted the raspberry vinegar she had been infusing for the last few days. 🙂

Dontcha all wish you were noshing at Pea’s pod? 🙂

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Welcome to The Church of Sunday Tea

Welcome all to another Sunday.  Today’s sermon is based on Jasmine tea…a lovely, fragrant whole leaf tea with jasmine flowers.

The Hymns for today are:

All Praise the Humble Tomato Sandwich, Hands be not Idle When There Be Yarn, Sing Ye Creaking Rockers on the Porch, and Amen, The Line-Hung Laundry Dries.

A few parish Announcements:

The lovers of lentil stew meeting will be held in the kitchen at six thirty PM.  Attendees should provide crusty bread, cheese, or butter.  Persons wishing to contribute to the building maintenance committee should consult the list book on the credenza for jobs-to-do.  The early pumpkin pie service has been cancelled due to a shortage of eggs, please watch this space for a make-up date.  Homes are still needed for sock orphans.  Please visit to help in any way you can.

Everyone is welcome to the Church of Sunday Tea.  Be sure to share a cuppa with someone you love 🙂

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