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Geeks R us

ok.  she is a geek. she admits this.  Mr pea is a geek too, and he admits it.  What happens when two geeks settle down for a cozy  evening of television? We watch documentaries about space.  What happens when we watch documentaries about space? We start thinking of things…like…

If the moon was created by a planet crashing into the earth, mark 1, the debris would have formed a ring system around earth.  Of course, we have to say how effing cool would that be?

But then we worry…if we have a ring system, rather than a satelite, would we get enough gravitational pull to knead the earth’s core and keep us tectonically active to have an atmosphere? would there be tides?

Then we have to think about saturn…it’s rings don’t do much…but…Saturn’s rngs are made of *ice* and our ring system would have been nickel and iron…much more dense…

Mr pea decided to go to bed at this point.

pea thinks we need help…

If you don’t agree, she will be forced to tell you about the radio-wave energy driven solar sytem we came up with on an anniversary trip.

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