The Church of Sunday Tea

Good morning, and welcome all to this week’s service of the Church of Sunday Tea.  Today’s sermon is based on apple cider and doughnuts.

The hymns for this week are: Cuddling Under the Blankets is a Goodness, There is Joy in the Turning of the Cider Press, Welcome to our Harvest Home, Keep Your Faith Fenway, and,  Share Your Crullers Brothers and Sisters.

And now a few parish announcements.

There will be tea and cookies served in the parish kitchen to those going on the cider mill pilgrimage.  A gentle reminder for the attendees to be prompt.  Anyone wishing to adopt a homeless sock should visit Please, parishoners, try to open your hearts and homes for the holidays to one of these poor orphans.  There will be a stuffed pepper gathering at the Church at 6:00 pm.  Those wishing to attend should bring an offering of garlic bread or wine.  Lastly there will be multiple opportunities for kitten socialization this evening.  Contact the rectory if you would like to pet a kitten.

One lump or two?  Ask a friend to tea today. 🙂

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