Kismet :)

When we started out on the great yardsale adventure, we expected to find a lot the usual yardsale stuff, and we did 🙂

Toys,  broken and otherwise,  seriously out-of-date clothing, “vintage” jewlery…you know the stuff.

One of the staples of our yardsales at home is the appleseed necklace. Peapod seriously finds one in every box of old necklaces she roots through.  Apparently they were some sort of sixties fashion necessity.  Now, in spite of seeing these things all over, Kristin has never seen one.  In fact the whole notion of stringing appleseeds into necklaces puzzled her, so, Pea rashly promised to show her one on our adventure, sure in the belief that we would find tons.

We haven’t found one so far.  Luckily, Kristen is a dear friend, and is taking the existence of appleseed necklaces on faith 🙂

Still, we have found a ubiquitous item at all of the sales we have so far attended…the bean pot.

In an ideal world, there would be a really adorable picture of a bean pot, taken at one of the yardsales along the route, but, alas, the software is obtuse.  Peapod will consult with tech support tomorrow to try to resolve the issue.

a bean pot

So far, virtually *every* sale we3 have been to has had its bean pot.  In fact, a lovely McCoy pot was one of the first things we looked at at the first sale we went to.  The only reason it got left behind is that Pea already has three bean pots…

But we didn’t know than that bean pots were going to be the theme of the yardsales in Tennessee…

If the World’s Longest Yardsale were in Massachusetts it might be more understandable…but it ain’t…

Anyway, once we ralized that bean pots were the thing, we started taking pictures of them, to post, but we can’t do that just yet.  We will, we promise…sort of like the  “Bridges of Madison County” only this will be “The Bean Pots of The World’s Longest Yard Sale”

Now, where the kismet comes in…

We decided we wanted barbecue for dinner, and went in search of Lucky’s Barbecue, which we found, and it was yummy.  It was also on PEAVINE road 😀  How cool is that.

And, on the way to the restaraunt, we found a campground called…wait for it…THE BEAN POT CAMPGROUND.

No kidding 🙂

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  1. Peas Porridge Hot Says:

    Pitching a tent? Yeah, Kristy Kremes will do that for you. 😛

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

    Fed and watered the petizens, more stuff bought, stuff not cleaned, still don’t know where stuff goes, and — of course — still missing the Pea-wife. 🙁

    Other than that, hygiene is holding up pretty well, considering. Weather is perfect here and the ontogeney is off to the Adirondacks with potential mate. So things are getting lonlier and lonlier, save for a plethora of pets, plants, and web pages.

    So did you guys buy ANYTHING yet?