And the second day dawns :)

Camping was nice…slept well 🙂

Peapod woke up at one point to the howling of coyotes which was all sorts of cool…and for those of you who know her well, no, she is not bringing one home with her.

And yes, for those of you wondering, we have purchased stuff 🙂

Glasses, a bit of china, a basket, some vintage tupperware.

We would show you, but apparently tech support has not yet read the addendum to *yesterday’s* blog, so tech support has no idea we are unable to upload all the nice pictures of bean pots we have.  And we *need* to have pictures of bean pots on the blog.  It is missi0n critical. Seriously.

*waves frantically at tech support*

127 016

Bean pots 🙂 better late than never. 🙂


Another Bean pot 🙂  but, actually Pea covets the really nice enamelled metal table it is sitting on more…holy 1930, batman 🙂

This could be Art 🙂 “Yard sale still life, with Bean Pot”

Our stratetgy today is to wait out the worst of  the heat in a nice Cracker
Barrel we found by the side 0f the road, and then attack m0re sales.

We are still in Tennessee…and we hope to reach kentucky by tonight.

Keep watching…if tech support pays attention, and can sort things out, there might even be visual aids!

And, for those of you checking back, *thanks* lots to tech support, who did teach us how to upload the bean pots.  Yay!!

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