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pea’s hero is *officially* the Krispy Kreme Man :)

Ok.  It is two thirty in the morning, and we are finally in our hotel, the lights are out, we are jammified and pea’s sockbaby is unpacked.  We have officially *arrived*

Well, maybe arrived is too final a term…it took us a while to actually get to our room…which is on the fifteenth floor…but, no matter which elevator we tried, we couldnt get the button for the fifteenth floor to work….we managed to get all the way to the *fourteenth* floor, but then we couldnt find the stairs…so we went back down, changed elevators, went to the ninth floor, and then changed elevators hoping to trick one into letting us get to our floor…

Hilarity did *not* enbsue, but, it might ensue retroactively, when we aren’t *quite* so tired…

Before we go on, please take note of the time.  Don’t expect any editorial niceties such as going back to the spell checker.  This is a wysiwyg post.

Once we got past the jack knifed truck, we got here without further incident, other than the lateness of the hour.  We did pause once, just because if we didn’t get up and walk around we would be shuffling through the first day of the yardsales like a pair of Groucho Marxes.  And we had to pee. And Kris needed coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.

So, we pulls off at a rest area that is certain to have coffee, and at this cute little gas station…(the name escapes pea…Kristen knows, but, Kristen is sleeping right now…pea promises that the proper nafame of the little gas station will be edited in…we find Krispy Kreme donuts.

We used to have Krispy Kreme donuts in Buffalo.  We even used to be able to get them Hot Now…thirty second old glazed rounds of love.  But, alas, no longer 🙁  Krispy Kreme left the area. 🙁  Pea has not had a Krispy Kreme in a *long*  time.

So, da PeaPod is having little raptures over the donuts, when she looks over and sees little travel mugs, filled with Krispy Kreme bites…like TimBits, only Krispy Kreme.  In a travel mug.  So they ca sit in your cup holder.  Why did they never have this innovation in Buffalo?  Now what to do? a regular donut? a little cute half dozen window box? The travel mug of itty bitty donut joy?


Greed wins out. PeaPod picked the half dozen (natch) and contented herself with taking a *picture* of the travel mug, to show the folks back home.  (No, in case you were wondering, she doesn’t get out much)

Of course, as she is doing this…photographing the donuts…the Krispy Kreme man arrives, with new donuts, and is understandably confused and concerned about the wacky lady with the upstate twang taking pictures of the donuts.

His name is Gary 🙂 We love you Gary 🙂

Long story short, we explained to Gary the Krispy Kreme man how we hadnt had a real Krispy Kreme in *years*  He looked properly horrified, and Gary (we love you Gary) *gave* us a box of  a half dozen still warm new donuts to take with us 🙂

Isn’t that *amazing* 🙂

As we finished the last gruling leg of our later than expected journey, the Donuts of Love kept us going.

Thanks Gary 🙂

We love you!!!

Oh…PeaPod almost forgot…Not only does Krispy Kreme make donuts…they make *fruit pies*  Those never made it to Buffalo either 🙁

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Chattanooga here we come!! Again!!

Yay!! Forward motion has been achieved.  Better late than never we always say.

And, just for the entertainment value, we get to play the new travel game of “count the people stuck in the swamp” as we go 🙂

Yes, we are still smug.

Next post when we actually are in Tennessee 🙂

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Sometimes the longest way ’round is the shortest way home :)

Well, Sherlock Holms would be proud of us 🙂  based on the giant flatbed tow truck that went creeping by on the shoulder of the road we deduced that it is probably a jack-knifed tractor trailer impeding our progress.

Since we haven’t moved in more than an hour, we are starting to get friendly with our auto-neighbors…and the lady four cars up told us that she called her boyfriend, who called the local state police, and yes, virginia, it is a jack-knifed truck, and we are here for the duration.

Several people, probably locals, decided not to stay here and risked crossing the swampland that serves as a median here in the great state of Kentucky.

The lady with the boyfriend has been going up and down traffic advising everyone to swampe…er…*median* cross, and providing helpful directions back to I-75 on the other side of the accident.

We debated doing the same…we are equiped with a GPS, and probably wouldn’t get lost…but, we had fear of the swamp-cum-median.  A four foot snowdrift, no hesitaition…a twelve foot swamp…we don’t think so.  This strikes your intrepid yardsalers as a not good plan.

Our wisdom paid off when the folks behind us tried to gun across and got stuck in the swamp. 🙂

Not that pea is happy about another’s impatience…she is just smug that she made the right choice 🙂

Just so that no one wonders, a few of the strapping local guys helped push the impatiend ones back to the road.

Eventually 🙂

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