Sometimes the longest way ’round is the shortest way home :)

Well, Sherlock Holms would be proud of us 🙂  based on the giant flatbed tow truck that went creeping by on the shoulder of the road we deduced that it is probably a jack-knifed tractor trailer impeding our progress.

Since we haven’t moved in more than an hour, we are starting to get friendly with our auto-neighbors…and the lady four cars up told us that she called her boyfriend, who called the local state police, and yes, virginia, it is a jack-knifed truck, and we are here for the duration.

Several people, probably locals, decided not to stay here and risked crossing the swampland that serves as a median here in the great state of Kentucky.

The lady with the boyfriend has been going up and down traffic advising everyone to swampe…er…*median* cross, and providing helpful directions back to I-75 on the other side of the accident.

We debated doing the same…we are equiped with a GPS, and probably wouldn’t get lost…but, we had fear of the swamp-cum-median.  A four foot snowdrift, no hesitaition…a twelve foot swamp…we don’t think so.  This strikes your intrepid yardsalers as a not good plan.

Our wisdom paid off when the folks behind us tried to gun across and got stuck in the swamp. 🙂

Not that pea is happy about another’s impatience…she is just smug that she made the right choice 🙂

Just so that no one wonders, a few of the strapping local guys helped push the impatiend ones back to the road.

Eventually 🙂

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