Happy Independance Day!

Theoretically, this should be a post from the Church of Sunday Tea.  But, it isn’t 🙂  There are  no services at the church due to the impending holiday 🙂

The menu for tomorrow is:  grilled weenie-dogs,  Mom’s potato salad, baked beans with bacon on top, tabouleh salad, chips and crunchies, two kinds of sun-tea, and, that Fourth of July tradition, the sacrificial watermelon.

We hope to have good success with this year’s melon, as he is, allegedly, a real old fashioned watermelon, with real black seeds.  We have come to the conclusion that seedless watermelons are…meh.  The flavor isn’t there, and it is worse dealing with a billion little white seeds encapsulated in mush, than flicking normal, findable black seeds out of the way.  And, a picnic isn’t *really* a picnic unless Pop annoys people by pinching watermelon seeds at them 🙂

Happy Fourth 🙂

And now a few Church related items:

There will be NO meeting of the Yarn Appreciation Society today.  Anyone planning on attending the supper service should be prepared for pot luck. 🙂

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