This is the first basket of the season, and it is a nice one. 🙂 Leeks, asparagus, a few celery roots and a big bag of baby spinaches.

Some of the thicker asparagus are marinating in a bit of olive oil and vinegar, for grilling this weekend, the rest will be steamed. The spinach will probably be part of a nice salad, and the leeks will be added to lots of stuff…omelettes, a crock-pot turkey breast, and in salad.

Trudie will get some of the trimmings, but not much from this one… the spinach stems, leek tops and celery root trimmings will all go to make some veggie broth, and then canned. Also destined for the canner this weekend will be some sauerkraut, which has been happily percolating in the fridger 🙂 yum 🙂

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