Peaspeak 101

Most of her Yahoo away messages, or other online status messages, even mobile phone status messages, are pretty self explainatory. At least she thinks so. To her, “Singing in the shower…la dee da dee dum” means just that…she is in the shower, and being tuneful.

Now, granted, just because she is in the shower, and singing, that does not mean that her lil ditty is limited too the aforementioned “la dee da dee dum”. She could be singing just about anything. Truth in advertising can be taken too far. If “la dee da dee dum” is too limiting for your collective imaginations, feel free to imagine the air of your choice. Let’s just stick to imagining songs, and keep our more, shall we say, lascivious imaginings to ourselves. (certain Parties excepted…You know who You are…)

That said, in rather prossy prose, to the rest of you…sending her endless IM’s wondering if she is here, she is not.

Da Peapod is, as advertised, singing in the shower.

Please feel free to add a similar explaination for messages such as: “Supper Time…Yum :)” and “Snoozin'”. If you aren’t able to figure those out, she probably doesn’t want to talk to you anyway.

As to the more esoteric messages one is likely to find in her status bar…

“Puttering” is the default yahoo Pea setting. It means she is home, and, well, puttering. It means she is home, and the computer is on, but she isn’t sitting right at the keyboard waiting to wave hello back to you. she could be walking small, slightly incontinent dogs so they don’t pee on the carpet, or cooking something yummy that you only *wish* you could taste, or feeding lettuce to rupert… Lots and lots of things go into puttering. Rest assured…as soon as she sees your message on her screen she will say hello back to you. Unless you happen to be a troll, then her response, or lack thereof, is strictly up to her whim.

“Pottering about” is sort of like puttering, but with less intentions of actually accomplishing anything…

“Curled” means that she is curled up on her sofa corner, with the computer right there. “Curled” does not refer to idleness…she could be typing, talking with someone she likes much better than U, or working on some other computer related busy-ness.

“Go REDSOX” translates to she is watching a game, right now, live, on her computer, in living color thanks to the magic of broadband. Feel free to say hello, but realize that conversation is likely to be sprinkled with color commentary and interjections like “YAY PAPI!” and “YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK” Note to Yankees fans…Yankees suck.

“Jammified” is related to curled…she is not only curled up on her sofa corner with the computer in easy reach, but she is in her jammies and thinking about going to bed. she is likely to answer, or iggy, taken on an individual case basis.

“Spinning” is a new hobby she has…no not exercise. she has recently learned to spin wool into yarn. she has an entire alpaca fleece to play with. Spinning requires two hands, and until she gets to a point where she can wind her yarn and put the spindle down, she isn’t going to answer promptly.

Now, she knows that this isn’t going to keep the average troll from buzzing her fifteen times while she has her hands full. And it isn’t going to keep certain people *coughsweetcough* from asking her what her status means…

But it is a good introductory lexicon.

Does she get points for using “lascivious” and “lexicon” in the same blog post?

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