Sometimes, Even Julia Child Has to Bury Something in the Backyard…

The other day Peapod was in the mood for something simple and bistroish…

So she started thinking about a nice clear veggie-ish soups and grilled sandwiches…mmmmmm

Being the resourceful pea that she is, she set about making her noshable notion in to an eatable actuality…

Smoked pork neck bones, beans, peas, carrots, onions, celery, barley, various seasonings…a nice long simmer.

Sounds kinda yummy doesn’t it?

As her soup cooked, she spent the day in wondering what sort of nice grilled sandwich she would make to dunk in it…just cheese? a trip to the deli perhaps?

she was never to find out what sort of sandwich would go with her soup. Alas. her soup *SUCKED*. It was the nastiest thing to come out of a stock pot since evoloution produced the government educated and supported public school “lunch lady”. Actually…it was worse.

Pea isn’t sure how she took the ingredients she had, and arrived at such an icky mess, but, as the title to this post suggests, even great chefs have the occasional flop. she is sure that even Julia Child has faild roasts buried in her back yard.

Ah well.

She just hopes that the shepherd’s pie she is making today will turn out better than the soup did.

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