It’s Fruitcake Weather :)

Fresh out of the oven












It has been a few years since she made fruitcake. It is expensive, and it takes a while, and there is all that time sitting, and all that annointing with brandy. Fruitcake is a labor of love. Fruitcake is also much maligned, but still a labor of love.

All and all, your friendly neighborhood legume is glad she put in the effort and made them. she was definitely in a “Fruitcake Weather” mood, and it was actually soothing and therapeutic to make them. The ghost of pea’s godmother also must have smiled on the batch, because every one turned out perfect. Not so much as a raisin stuck to the pan. Hopefully, when we get to eat them a month from now they will taste just as good.

For now, they are dribbled in brandy and melding, and it is time for cocoa, and a read of “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote. It is fruitcake weather. 🙂

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